Hear it from those who have already become part of the Jon’Ric family. During your candicacy, we will set up meetings with actual franchise owners who will gladly field your questions — the very same questions they also had — with concrete and candid answers.

I woke up in the middle of the night and wanted to go open a spa. I am a physician’s assistant by trade, so I wondered if I actually could open a medical spa. Looked online and found various modeles but liked Jon’Ric the best, and have not regretted it since. We now dow a lot of hormone balancing, weight management, hair restoration, laser work, hair transplants, and will get a water jet. I have a nurse and a supervising physician. We now have over $1.5 million in lasers (we own them) and over 16,000 patients in the database. The Franchise terms are absolutely fair and Jon’Ric Corporate is amazing with their support. I’ve been with Jon’Ric for 12 years now.

Kay MortonOklahoma City, Oklahoma

Immigration issues prompted me to open up a business. I didn’t know much about the spa industry, and the spas I could research were destination/piecemeal and I wanted to do a really NICE spa. After completing my research, I found what Jon’Ric was offering was really favorable in the market. Jon’Ric was a great help for the business and with immigration. We opened our premium standard “Ocean Wellness Spa,” now a solidly successful beach-house spa, clean and simple within 6 months. We do acupuncture, pedicure, manicure, facials, body treatments, and skin care. I used to do online Marketing/Advertising and contract work in engineering fields.

Michael RuiterKey West, Florida

I’m relatively new to Jon’Ric, been working with John (the CEO/President) for over 2 years. My location is in the center of six other towns. I opened a medical spa as well as a salon and have 2 floors for the storefront. Jon’Ric is like a family: a very comforting experience with great support. They helped with the marketing tools, building location and purchase, holding my hand every step of the way. We found 2 doctors who are willing to work with us and another for the laser (NY is one of the states where you do not have to be an M.D. for laser treatments). Great experience!

Sonia Soni
Sonia SoniNew York City, New York

I’m a general plastic reconstructive surgeon. We opened up the Jon’Ric medical-wellness spa one year ago: 3600 square feet of space in the middle of town. Jon’Ric did a great job helping me find the right space. We do full survice spa: nails, skin, facial, botox, laser, and recently added cool sculpting. I see all the patients, being the only physician. We have a Jon’Ric hair salon 2 miles away but it does not compete with us (different services). We do nails as an ancillary service — that’s one of the things I loved about Jon’Ric: that you can do what you want to do. We currently lease our machines, but will be purchasing the cool sculpting machine soon.

Dr. Matt JonesCharlotte, North Carolina

We are 30-40 miles north of Orlando and Daytona Beach. We chose a retail location in a shopping center where there are a bunch of restaurants. We have seven stylists, 1 facial, 1 massager. Four of the stylists rent a station for our full service spa. I got the spa franchise for my daughter so she could build her own business. It is profitable. We broke even after four months, but we are now turning a profit. We have 1200 square feet in a very modern, very nice building.

Peter PucinoOrange City, Florida

We started our Jon’Ric in the end of 2008. Jon’Ric gave me all the information I needed and was very, very helpful, answering my calls at 1 am! I am a dentist by trade and opened up a tanning salon and spa: massages, facials, etc. I bought the spa franchise for my mother. We are in a small city but it is a nice area, with a 2000 square foot building. The Jon’Ric training was very helpful because as a dentist I didn’t know the first thing about a spa. Jon’Ric knows salons; they are the way to go.

George WoodrickColumbus, Mississippi

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