Our Mission
At Jon’Ric International our mission is to create a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere for each and every staff member as well as our clients. In turn we are creating a total quality value for all of the services performed in each location. We will serve our team, our industry, our client and our community.

Our Philosophy
Our viewpoint is to maintain a well-educated staff who find satisfying challenges in providing the finest services and techniques available; to pay our stylists well, and provide the benefits and continuing education that will keep them happily employed in a career with Jon’Ric International.

Our Objectives
Jon’Ric has a serious commitment to learning: team members and the salon grow only when knowledge is constantly expanding. We believe in being open to and seeking out new ideas and techniques. We expect our staff to maintain a high level of self-motivation and commitment to learning.

Customer Service
It is our philosophy and practice that the customer is always right, and always deserves the absolute best our salon can offer them. Our point-of-difference is based on providing value-added service and going “above and beyond” the average salon experience.

Salon Environment
Our commitment to providing our customers with the best extends to the environment we serve them in. We expect every team member to join us in presenting a salon that is always sparkling clean, soothing and calming, with relaxing and appropriate music, aromas and attitudes.

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