The Rewards of Owning a Jon’Ric Franchise are myriad and unparalleled by other luxury spa franchisors.

While Jon’Ric Corporate is there for you every step of the way — whether it be citizenship visas, hiring, training, financial prep, pro forma projections, products, great discounts on 3rd party salon products, location selection, build-out financing, architectural design, marketing and advertising, or the ribbon ceremony — Jon’Ric Corporate also gives you the freedom to run your franchise as you see fit.

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We at Jon’Ric International are in a unique position to enhance the value and increase the profitability of your location. The Jon’Ric International team is constantly seeking out real estate opportunities across the globe where we can exploit and enhance our world-renowned brand image. This image has been developed during almost three decades of work in the Salon & Spa industry; it is the result of a tremendous amount of pioneering work in a field where we have been a dominant driving force.

 As one of the largest franchise developers in the world we are always on the lookout for exciting and diverse properties to expand the impact of the Jon’Ric International reputation in malls, shopping centers, hotels, and resorts. We have Salon & Spa modules that are tailor-made for each of these locations: for malls and shopping centers we have the Xpress Spa and the Day Spa; for hotels and resorts we have the Resort & Destination Spa.

 The Jon’Ric International Spa development network is the most accomplished and diverse team in the industry. We work with real estate brokers and developers, both large and small, to achieve increased profits and sustained growth in these economically challenging times. For example, Simon Malls, Westfield Malls, General Growth Properties (GGP), CBRE, Cushman & Wakefield, and Equity One (to name just a few) have all successfully partnered with Jon’Ric International.

Should your project be in Europe, the Persian Gulf Region (GCC), Asia, Australia, or anywhere else throughout the world, we have the vision, experience, and manpower to handle your project or development. With a diverse collection of Salons & Spas sited across the globe, Jon’Ric International is in a unique position to bring its strong brand image to your location. For nearly 30 years we have been at the forefront of world class endeavors.

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