Jon’Ric has three main types of franchises: Medical, Beauty, and Hybrid. (which is a versatile mixture of the other two, based on the services you wish to provide.)


The Medical Spa has evolved from just a phenomenon into one of the fastest growing segments in the beauty and wellness industry. By some industry experts it is even considered the logical evolution of the medical profession. Technology advancements such as laser, pulsating light or mesotherapy allow for the  non-surgical therapy of common issues. The Medical Spa is the MD supervised and/or MD run ‘feel good,  look good’ facility in an upscale  retail environment.

A Dental spa is a place where modern dentistry meets with the luxury of indulgence Patients no longer fear the dentist visit but actually looks forward to it. Not only is the dentistry taking place in a mind soothing atmosphere and surrounding, but your dental care will be accompanied by spa services leaving no room in your mind for the “white coat syndrome.”

The Chiropractic Spa offers common chiropractic care in a spa-like setting. It also combines chiropractic treatments with other spa services. It could for example offer a good adjustment along with a massage and hydrotherapy treatment. By doing so, you will also attract those patients who are still somewhat hesitant about the benefits of the chiropractor. A spa is a viable way of introducing people to chiropractic relief, while taking advantage of other treatments and services.


We have customized services, treatments and formulas to provide you with a stress-free advantage over your competition. The Jon’Ric business model is geared towards recurring revenue year-round, promoting a relaxing environment that will have your clients coming back for more. Promotional packages will encourage new clients who come for one treatment to explore other services while at your spa.

The Tanning salon business has grown to a $8 Billion dollar a year industry. Everybody is looking for that youthful, sexy look, tanning business opportunities enters into its next stage of growth, helping customers who are looking for a branded solution that will ensure that their health, security and customer service needs are taken care of. Jon’Ric with over 20 years of experience, combines today’s technology with safe, less harmful proven tanning techniques that are UV free or organic in nature.


With a Jon’Ric Xpress Spa, you have the basic salon or kiosk that offers a great return on investment. Built out more upscale than the average run-of-the-mill discount hair salon, it offers superior lines of products & equipment, making your Xpress Spa a destination. A Jon’Ric Xpress Spa is a salon with a structured layout and set services, and is geared towards people with limited time on their hands but with high expectations. Haircuts, nails, and styling are the basic services rendered in Airports, Hotels or Malls.

The Gentlemen’s Spa is catering to an all-male clientele. Typical treatments include an oldfashioned shave, a massage or vichy-shower along with the necessities of a haircut or beard trim. Extended services can include a cigar lounge, a shoe shine parlor or an Internet Cafe. A best selling service “The Art of Doing Nothing”, is a mediative relaxation for the stressed out businessman and can create a healthy trend in your neighborhood.

The Jon’Ric Specialty Spa module makes it possible for you to pick and choose which Beauty/Wellness services you would like to offer alongside the professional (medical) services you already may offer. For example, a chiropractic specialty might want to offer nails, manicures, and massage to clients while they wait for their spine adjustment appointment. With Jon’Ric, the possibilities are truly endless. Contact a representative to see how easily your vision can be realized through Jon’Ric!

Hotel Partnership Opportunites

Complement the beauty and elegance of your hotel with a new wellness center, full service salon or day spa. Pamper guests with massages, facials, mani/pedis, hairstyling and more. Services and products can be added to hotels or destination resorts and even cruise lines or golf & country clubs. Combine the world-class spa partnership, expertise and experience of JRI to build your project. Click HERE to learn more.

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