Leveraging innovative patent-pending stem cell technology, NuGene is changing the face of anti-aging skincare as the world knows it. This groundbreaking collection of clinically proven anti-aging skincare products utilizes stem cell technology—one of modern science’s most remarkable achievements—in a way no other skincare brand ever has. The result? Superior formulations that foster younger-looking skin in a way no other skincare brand can

Our skin care collection is formulated with multiple human growth factors, polypeptides, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals that will help reduce signs of aging, restore your skin, and improve luminosity. Click here to view all our products.


ARIUM® is a system used to clean, moisturize and deposit antioxidants, natural extracts, vitamins and nutrients directly on the scalp, skin and hair. It protects from environmental residues and removes dihydrotestosterone excess (one of the main causes of capillary loss). Thanks to its components, ARIUM® promotes and keeps a healthy environment, which is ideal for healthy growth and contributes to strengthening hair strands and preventing the scalp from undergoing adverse conditions.

Hair and scalp need nutrition, health and wellbeing. This may be achieved by using ARIUM®, a line that has been formulated from Natural Extracts, Vitamins, Amino acids and Proteins. The products are sulfate-free, guaranteeing effective results and respecting, above all, your hair integrity.  Click here to view all our products.

Jon’Ric Franchise Products

Our team of experts had created a list of custom made products that focus on helping you look and feel younger.  Jon’Ric Franchise has years of experience working with a wide range of customers with unique needs and goals.  Take a moment to review our product line and enjoy all of the organic and custom products our team has to offer.  Click here to view all our products.